Telephone Death Claims - Flat Rate

By telephone, claims are processed faster - With computers, cell phones, scanners, fax machines and overnight mail being so accessible to most Americans, handling most death claims by telephone makes sense. Maxim Reports, LLC can conduct a beneficiary interview by telephone and have a signed statement, medical authorizations and affidavit of next of kin papers signed and other required documents returned to us faster than the larger companies take to find a field investigator available and forward the assignment to the investigator.


By telephone, interviews are more thorough - Interviewing a beneficiary by telephone often puts them at ease compared to a personal interview. And the interviewee can take more detailed notes and ask more questions, and then take time to type a statement without rushing through the process in the field where there are often distractions and time constraints. And, if necessary, another call to the beneficiary for clarification is easy and quick. And correspondence by email can also expedite and enhance the interview process.


By telephone, the assignment costs less - For even the largest national companies, field representatives are few, with most states having from no representatives to one, perhaps two. They may have more representatives, but they are not skilled at Life and Health investigations or taking statements. Their workload involves surveillance for workers compensation companies.

The flat rate price is for an unlimited number of sources,  including any or all of the following potential sources:

•             Interview and signed statement with next of kin and/or beneficiary

•             Records from physicians and hospitals

•             Pharmacy records

•             Health  insurance claims history

•             Drivers record

•             Civil/Criminal records (online or telephone)

•             Bankruptcy records  (online or telephone)

•             Employer contact

•             Agent contact

•             Internet search of insured's name  (always done)

•             Comprehensive database search

•             Coroner

•             Law Enforcement

•             Any other sources needed

For more information, please contact David Fielder