From the Owner

Maxim Reports, LLC is solely dedicated and committed to the Life and Health Insurance industry. As the owner manager, I have 35 years experience in Life and Health insurance investigations. My goals are simple:


•          To provide quality investigative services

•          To create promising relationships with

            valued clients

•          To provide the fastest turnaround time

•          To operate at a  very competitive cost


I am remaining dedicated to the Life and Health Claims industry. I will personally manage all assignments and will be conducting investigations when available, and when not, I will use only experienced  investigators familiar with Life and Health claims investigations.


Big corporations cannot effectively compete with our personal service, as we are able to provide superior and quick personal service at a very competitive rate. We do not use surveillance or untrained investigators to handle your assignment. Our strength is the ability to control the quality of work and complete tasks quickly and effectively through streamlined management. You do not have to worry about going through layers of departments and managers  to receive information on the status of your assignment, and there will not be eight to twelve people involved in handling various aspects of your assignment. We act immediately. We are confident in our abilities, methodical in our investigations, assertive in our tasks and competent in our report writing.


We are fully licensed and insured. We can conduct telephone or field investigations and would love to have your next assignment.



 David Fielder, Owner/Manager

Experience - Commitment - Dedication

Florida Agency License Number: A 2900340

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