Maxim Reports, LLC: Life and Health Claims Investigations

The Definition of Maxim

A broad statement of principle, the truth and reasonableness of which are self-evident.

Who We Are

We are not a private investigation or security company. We are an insurance investigation company that investigates life claims exclusively.

   Vision and Strategy  

  • Our vision is not to be the biggest but to be the best life insurance investigation company. We are achieving this by employing highly motivated and ethical staff, who are provided with the best resources, training and management.
  • We focus on achieving agreed upon objectives, while developing strong partnerships in the life insurance industry. We collect  and report all the facts so that insurers make informed decisions.
  • We will continue to specialize in life insurance investigations.


  • We value our staff, as their standard is our quality.
  • We strive to provide the true facts, so that a just outcome will prevail.
  • We collect all information in a fair and reasonable manner.
  • We do not provide opinion, as opinions vary.